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On Saturday 14th September Bro Alexander C G Moncrieff was installed into the chair of the Lodge. The ceremony was conducted superbly by the Installing Masters Bro. Grant Kavanagh, Bro Alan Rudland and Bro Kenneth Miller, all Past Masters of Lodge Castle Dour Number 1276 in The Province of Fife and Kinross. The Lodge was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master of Perthshire East, Bro J.J. Russell Logan and the Provincial Grand Secretary, Bro Robert Crowe. Amongst the brethren who joined Bro Logan’s deputation was the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Fife and Kinross, Bro Stewart Quigley and his Depute Provincial Grand Master, Bro Bill Rocks.

The Installation Team along with the Office Bearers

Our Newly Installed Right Worshipful Master along with his Distinguished Guests

It was a rare occasion, happening which occurs about twice per decade, at our Installation Meeting on Saturday 14th Sept 2019 we awarded Brother Robert Crowe, PM of Lodge St John No 174, Provincial Grand Secretary, and Grand Steward of The Grand Lodge of Scotland, honorary membership of our Lodge. Brother Crowe has been a regular visitor to our Lodge since the 1980's and he is the singer for our Lodge music tracks and he is a regular entertainer at our more formal events and harmonies. We welcome Brother Crowe as an Honorary Member of the Lodge.

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