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Serious or prolonged illness and cases of real hardship of brethren, their widows or dependents, should be reported to the Almoner.


6th September, 2017                REGULAR MEETING                        7.15 p.m.


(To be attended by Members of No 3 only). Business:- Minutes, Correspondence, Accounts. Election of Office Bearers.

Election of eight elective members to General Committee. Election of two qualified members to the Enquiry Committee and Appointment of Auditors.





16th September 2017       INSTALLATION OF OFFICE-BEARERS      4.00 p.m.

                       SPECIAL MEETING (Harmony Charity Meal £15.00)

(Please note the date and the starting Time).


20th September 2017              REGULAR MEETING                         7.15 p.m.

1st Degree, Business minutes etc


4th October 2017              REGULAR MEETING                               7.15 p.m.

2nd Degree Business minutes etc


12th October 2017         GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING              7.15 p.m.


18th October, 2017                 REGULAR MEETING                         7.15 p.m.

3rd Degree, Business minutes etc.

                  OFFICIAL VISITATION OF PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE                  


1st November, 2017          REGULAR MEETING                               7.15 p.m.

2nd Degree, Business minutes etc


9th November 2017     GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING                 7.15 p.m.



15th November 2017           REGULAR MEETING                             7.15 p.m.

1st Degree, Business minutes etc


29th November 2017        SPECIAL MEETING (5th Wednesday)     Time    T.B.A.

Muster at Lodge Carse of Gowrie No. 871


6th December 2017             REGULAR MEETING                             7.15 p.m.

3rd Degree, Business minutes etc.


14th December, 2017          GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING         7.15 p.m.


20th December 2017     Festival of St. John and Carol Service          7.15 p.m.

(Family and Friends Most Welcome to attend Carol Service)

The Music will be provided by Forth Valley Accordion Band


17th January 2018                  REGULAR MEETING                          7.15 p.m.

1st Degree, Business minutes etc


31st January 2018            Special Meeting                                Time      T.B.A.

SPECIAL MEETING (5th Wednesday) Location to be Agreed


2nd February 2018       PAST MASTERS DINNER                               6.30 p.m.


7th February 2018                REGULAR MEETING                            7.15 p.m.

2nd Degree, Business minutes etc


8th February 2018        GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING                7.15 p.m.


21st February 2018                REGULAR MEETING                          7.15 p.m.

3rd Degree, Business minutes etc.

7th March 2018                    REGULAR MEETING                            7.15 p.m.

1st Degree, Business minutes etc


8th March 2018              GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING              7.15            p.m.


21st March, 2018                REGULAR MEETING                             7.15            p.m.

2nd Degree, Business minutes etc


4th April, 2018                     REGULAR MEETING                            7.15 p.m.

3rd Degree, Business minutes etc.

Annual Visit of Lodges No.1, No. 2, No. 3Bis, No. 4 and No. 5

12th April 2018          GENERAL COMMITTEE MEETING                   7.15 p.m.


18th April 2018                   REGULAR MEETING                              7.15 p.m.

MMM Degree, Business minutes etc.


9th June 2018                 SPECIAL MEETING                                   2.00 p.m.

       Saturday 3rd Degree to raise F.C.’s From Citizen Lodge No. 8121 E.C. )       




STEWARDS COMMITTEE: This committee usually meets when required.

ENQUIRY COMMITTEE: This committee will meet when required, and members will be informed of times by Bro. Secretary.

PAST MASTER’S COUNCIL: This Council meets on 19th October 2017, 11th January 2018, 2nd February 2018, P.M.’s Dinner 6.30 p.m. for 7.00 p.m. and 19th April 2018 (A.G.M.) all meetings at 7.15 p.m.


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