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Lodge Scoon & Perth No. 3
Muster of the Lodges Consecrated Prior to 1700

On the 5th October 2013 responding to an invitation from our own RWM the other ancient lodges of Scotland mustered at Lodge Scoon in Perth, No.3.
The RWM of Mother Kilwinning headed a deputation of representatives of the following Ancient Lodges:-

Lodge Mother Kilwinning, No. 0 Before 1598
Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary’s Chapel), No.1 Before 1598
Lodge of Melrose St John No. 1 Bis Before 1598
Canongate Kilwinning, No.2 20th December 1677
Lodge of Glasgow St John, No.3 Bis Before 1628
Canongate & Leith, Leith & Cannongate , No 5 Before 1688
Hamilton Kilwinning, No.7 Before 1695
Lodge of Dunblane, No 9 Before 1695
Ancient Brazen, No 17 Before 1654
Ancient Striling, No 30 Before 1599
St. Cuthbert Kilwinning, No.41 From 1691
Kilmolymock, No. 45 Before 1687
Dumfries Kilwinning, No. 53 From 1787
St. John Kilwinning, No.57 Before 1600
Lodge of Kirkcaldie, No.72 15th May 1658
There was a deputation in attendance from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire East headed by the Depute Provincial Grand Master.
The RWM’s of the following lodges also graced us with their company
The United Lodge of Dunkeld , No.14,
St. Andrew, No. 74
Perth Royal Arch, No. 122
The Carse of Gowrie, No. 871
Stormont, No. 1524
The business of the day was to initiate a new member of the lodge, Mr T. James Miller and in addition to our own RWM Brother David A. Robertson the following RWM took part in the work on the floor .
Brother David A. Kirk, Lodge Mother Kilwinning, No. 0
Brother Kevin G. Storey, Lodge of Melrose St John, No. 1 Bis
Brother Robert Douglas Paterson, Canongate Kilwinning, No.2
Brother James, McCaskell, Canongate & Leith, Leith & Cannongate, No 5
Brother Ronald McPhee, The Lodge of Dunblane, No 9
Brother Douglas Lawrie, St. John Kilwinning, No.57
Brother Robert S. Michie, Lodge of Kirkcaldie, No.72
Also taking part in the degree work was Brother Paul Smith, P.M. Lodge Ancient Stirling, No 3
The ceremony was witnessed by the 166 assembled brethren and Brother T. James Miller was initiated as the newest member of Lodge Scoon & Perth No. 3.
Following the ceremony the brethren enjoyed an informal buffet meal at the lodge.
This was a wonderful day where the ancient lodges of Scotland came together to work a degree and witness a new member join our order. All who attended enjoyed the day and most importantly our newly made mason was given a very special and unique and enjoyable reception into the craft.

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Photographs taken at the Harmony