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Other Masonic Orders Meeting within our Premises

Scoon & Perth Royal Arch Chapter No. 460
Regular Meetings: 3rd Monday of the Months September (AGM), October (Installation), November, January then 3rd Monday March Note:We Make our Annual Visit to St. Johnstoun Royal Arch Chapter No 134 on the 3rd Tuesday of February.

Perth Sovereign Chapter of Princes Rose Croix No.71
Regular Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the Months October, November, December, February and March.

Perth & Angus Sovereign Council No. 56
Regular Meetings: 3rd Thursday of the Months January, March and November

Bertha Preceptory of Knight Templars
Regular Meetings: 2nd Monday of the Months October, November, December, February and March

The Grand Imperial Council of Scotland
Regular Meetings: 2nd Saturday of November and May

Grampian Conclave No.44
Regular Meetings: 3rd Friday of the Months October, November, January, February and March

Order of the Secret Monitor Fair City Conclave No. 389
Regular Meetings: 4th Thursday of the Months November, April and last Thursday of August (Installation)

The Grand Sanhedrin of Guild Masonry
Regular Meeting: 3rd Saturday of June each Year

Scoon & St. John’s Toune Guild Lodge.
Regular Meetings: 2nd Friday of November, February (Installation) and March

Order of the Eastern Star.
Regular Meetings: 1st Thursday of the Months September, October, November, December, February, March, April and May

Societas Rosicruciana in Scotia (High Council)
Regular Meeting: 1st Saturday of April


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