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The Scots Lodge Visit 19th March 2013

The Reception

In March 2013 a long established connection between the Scots Lodge No. 2319 E.C. and Lodge Scoon and Perth No 3 was further strengthened when brothers from the Scots Lodge accompanied by Brethren of the Citizen Lodge No 2911 and Harmony Lodge No 255 visited us in Perth arriving on the 19th March 2013

On the 19th March 2013 a reception was held in the temple to receive the visiting brethren and welcome them to Perth.

In the temple the attending members and visitors enjoyed handmade hor dourves provided by Mrs Linda Robertson and Mrs Marlowe Howarth and an aperitif courtesy of Brother Alexander Moncrieff. Brother David Mee gave a short talk on the history of the temple and the symbolic significance of the lodge artwork. .

After the short reception in the temple the brethren enjoyed a dinner in the lodge refectory, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Howarth did us proud with a Scottish Steak and Venison Stew and Yorkshire pudding and vegetables and a dessert of Cranachan.

After dinner we retired to the basement bar to round off the evening chatting informally.

There are some photographs attached of the reception courtesy of Brother Kenneth Ward our Substitute Master.

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The Meeting on the 20th March 2013

On the 20th March we held our regular meeting at which we received an official deputation from the Scots Lodge No 2319 E.C. supported by members of the Citizen Lodge No 2911 and Harmony Lodge No 255 and led by Brother Paul Treadwell, I.P.M. of the Scots Lodge.

The meeting was very well supported by the members of No 3 and by many visitors from lodges from as far afield as Greenock, Lothian and Aberdeen in addition to the Brethren from London and Bedfordshire. The furthest travelled visitor was Brother Aj Shafiq of the Scots Lodge who had flown in from Madrid to join the deputation from his mother lodge.

Brother Lord Elgin, an honorary member of the Scots Lodge and a Past Grand Master of Scotland, also honoured us with his presence to witness the degree work.

Brother Lord Elgin presented the Lodge with a signed copy of his book “The Bruce-Robert King of Scots: A Personal View" which the Master accepted with pleasure on behalf of the lodge.

The business of the evening was to raise Brother James William Marshall a F.C. of the Scots Lodge.

After the ceremony of raising Brother James speaking in Lodge for the first time as a Master Mason thanked the degree team for giving him a wonderful memory which he would cherish.

There was one final matter of business that evening

Brother Kenneth Ward was awarded, by the unanimous voice of the lodge, Distinguished Service Membership in recognition of his 25 years faithful service as lodge secretary.

The master presented Brother Kenneth with his certificate of Distinguished Service Membership, issued by Grand Lodge, before the lodge assembled.

Brother William Millar P.M. joined the Master on the floor and on behalf of the lodge presented Brother Kenneth with a specially commissioned distinguished member jewel. Past Master Miller and the RWM represented the span of lodge masters served by Brother Kenneth during his 25 years as secretary.

The jewel crafted from Stirling Silver comprised of an engraved circle with the lodge crest mounted on the centre and suspended from a blue ribbon which was itself mounted with cross quills in silver. The ribbon sits between two silver bars in the design of traditional No 3 past masters jewel bars. The whole having been crafted by noted silversmith A.F. Campbell of Edinburgh. The symbolism embodied in the jewel will be evident to members of the craft and its commission and presentation by the lodge to Brother Kenneth is a mark of the high esteem with which he is held in the lodge.

The Master presented Brother Kenneth Ward, Distinguished Service Member to the Lodge and he was received with long and warm applause.

After the meeting was closed in due and ancient form the brethren withdrew to enjoy harmony in the lodge refectory where they had a simple meal of soup followed by stovies, a Scottish delicacy new to many of our English visitors.

Following the toast to the new Master Mason and a suitable reply by Brother Marshall the Master presented him with an engraved crystal tankard bearing the lodge coat of arms, a lodge tie and a limited edition mutual agreement 350 anniversary Lodge penny as mementos of his being raised that evening in Lodge Scoon and Perth No 3.

Brother Lord Elgin replied to the toast proposed by the Master to Grand Lodge and during his reply reflected on the fact that he was addressing the brethren in front of a beautiful stain glass window depicting the coronation of his ancestor, The Bruce - King of Scots, which was a rare and pleasant experience.

After the meal Brother Frank Howarth and Brother John Hanvey entertained the brethren on the guitar and in song.

The brethren had enjoyed two days wonderful days during which the members renewed old friendships and cemented new ones.

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